15 Warning Signs 
Changes in the behavior or physical abilities of an older adult may be indicators that they are having difficulty managing independently at home. Please review the following early warning signs checklist, and begin the conversation with your loved one and their physician about any of these signs.  If it is determined that supportive services at home may improve quality of life, please contact Wellspring Personal Care at 312-648-1565 to schedule an appointment for an in-home assessment, and to discuss home care options.

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15 Early Warning Signs that an older adult or disabled person may need help

1.There are missed Doctors appointments and failure to reschedule appointments.  

2.Prescription medications are not taken according to schedule. 

3.Discontinued medications are often taken with newly prescribed drugs. 

4.Mail and bills are unopened or piling up. 

5.A previously neat home is now cluttered and ill kept. 

6.Food in the refrigerator is uneaten or spoiled.  Shopping, cooking, and meal preparation are becoming more difficult. 

7.There is a noticeable loss of appetite and/or weight. 

8.Pots and pans are burned indicating that food may have been left unattended on the stove. 

9.There are increased problems with activities of daily living such as bathing, grooming, dressing. 

10.There is a loss of bladder and/or bowel control. 

11.There are signs of bruising due to falls or slips, burns on hands or forearms due to cooking accidents. 

12.Neighbors or friends may report inappropriate behavior, clothing or speech. 

13.There are traffic citations, difficulty driving, or remembering directions to familiar locations. 

14.There is increasing social isolation or loss of interest in once pleasurable activities. 

15.There is a noticeable change in temperament or mood that may be accompanied by memory loss and/or confusion.   

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